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Gallery One:
Horses, Wildlife, and Landscapes

Click on the small painting image for more information and a larger view. My latest work is in the top row.

Please check back again. Kathy is continuing to update her painting gallery.

Kathy E. Walker
Phoenix Horse Artist

"Before the Storm" by Kathy E. Walker

"Before the Storm"
18 "x14"

"Waiting on Ty" by Kathy E. Walker

"Waiting on Ty"
16 "x20"

"Getting Ready" by Kathy E. Walker

"Getting Ready"
18 "x14"

Storm Chaser by Kathy E. Walker

"Storm Chaser"
16 "x16"


"Palomino Slide"
40 "x30"

40 "x30"


Quicksilver Painting of White Quarter Horse Running

40 "x30"

10 "x8"

Restless Trio by Kathy E Walker

"Restless Trio"
24 "x24"

Cowboy releasing steer

16 "x16"



"Blue River"

Sagebrush Mustangs

"Sage Brush Mustangs"
30 "x40"

Rocket 2

"Rocket 2"
14 "x11"

Hill Top by Kathy E Walker

"Hill Top"
14 "x18"

"Team Roper Header"

Two Rein Paint by Kathy E Walker

"Two Rein Paint"

"Tight Turn" Barrel Racer

"Tight Turn"
18 "x23"


"Next Up"
11.5 "x17"

Roadrunner Drawing

"Beep Beep"
14 "x11"

Rio Roper by Kathy E. Walker

"Rio Roper"
14 "x11"

"Max & Mike"

Rail Talk Painting of Quarter Horses

"Rail Talk"

"Bandit" by Kathy E. Walker


"Recoil II"


Native American Girl Painting

"Shy Smile"
18 "x14"

"The Red Scarf"

"Bright Sun"

"Black Bart" Bucking Bull by Kathy E. Walker

"Black Bart"


Passing Through by Kathy E. Walker

"Passing Through"
16 "x20"

Quail in Bourgainvillea

"Morning Visitors"
10 "x20"

Flying Gambel's Quail

"Flying Quail"
10 "x8"





Desert Gambel's Quail

"Desert Quail"
8 "x10"

Quail Family

"Quail Family"
10 "x20"

Quail and Wagon Wheel

"Quail & Wagon Wheel"





Archived Paintings
"Splash" by Kathy E. Walker Andalusian in Blue      
Bandit by Kathy E Walker Gamble Quail    







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